In the areas of Guidance and Control and Modeling, Simulation and Algorithm Development, Research and Technology Consulting developed the new guidance laws applied to missiles and UAVs, the new approach to the integrated missile guidance and control systems design, various computational algorithms and computer programs, which were published in the leading journals and included in the books “Modern Missile Guidance"  and  "Guidance of  Unmanned Aerial Vehicles."

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In 2008-2009, R&TC was involved in developing technological concepts of the new generation of interceptors. It was a part of the group created by the MDA that  worked on  the future generation of the airborne interceptors for the boost-phase intercept systems. R&TC developed a packaged of software to analyze various engagement scenarios and missile performance to demonstrate the efficiency of the new developed guidance laws.


R&TC  current research focuses on the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).    The objective is to develop and demonstrate advanced guidance algorithms for a wide class of unmanned aerial vehicles. The developed guidance laws and algorithms allow UAVs  to perform simple scripted navigation functions such as waypoint following, as well as significantly more complicated ones, e.g., they can be applied for  refueling an aircraft,  control the motion of a swarm of UAVs. With a simple modification the basic algorithm can be used to avoid obstacles.  The new developed guidance laws can be easily implemented in practice because they utilize the same parameters as the PN and APN laws. This fact is very important for developing cost effective guidance and navigation units for UAVs.                                                


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