Research & Technology Consulting

Research & Technology Consulting  has an extensive experience in building mathematical models related to various problems – manufacturing, homeland security, aerospace, etc. The solution of  optimization problems  results in  Cost Effective Decision Making.

In 2007-2010,  R&TC was involved in research related to the existing education system. It applied system analysis and operations research approaches to show what should be done to improve it. The existing approaches to improve education are based on the same foolish idea that as long as government spending on education is great enough, the improvement will follow. Multiple research attempts to improve functioning of the existing education system didn’t bring any tangible results because they dealt with separate pure educational problems rather than the global one and were conducted by experts in education rather than experts in system analysis, operation research and optimal theory who are able to approach complex problems using the appropriate tools. Based on the analysis of the educational structure the company offers radical measures which can bring real positive results.

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Our comprehensive range of consulting expertise areas covers: applied mathematical problems; various applications in the aerospace industry, manufacturing, business, economics, and education.

For preliminary discussion of a problem or a whole project, please, complete the prepared questionnaire.

It is assumed that the written response would require not more than one work-hour. If necessary, the future R&TC participation will be discussed separately.

Our opinion (it will be accompanied with an explanation and/or advice) can help you to solve the problem and save money and time.